Track Indane gas LPG Cylinders Consumed and Remaining

Since the Government of India has limited the numbers of subsidized cylinders for each financial year. So, this is absolutely necessary to keep tracking of used and remaining subsidized cylinders. LPG provider oil companies are also providing online tracking systems on their portal.

LPG cylinder users of Indian Oil Corporation (Indane Gas) can track their consumed and remaining cylinders online.  To do that you can follow below steps:

  1. Visit Indian Oil Corporation Transparency portal
  2. Select Financial Year.
  3. Select your consumer type.
  4. If you know your distributor name type in Quick Search box (right side) or Select your State, District and Distributor name from drop downs given in Normal Search Box Left side.
  5. Click on Proceed.
Indane gas Transparency Portal

Indane gas Transparency Portal

6. After clicking on Proceed button you can see the search result some thing like below screen.

Indian Oil Corporation transparency  portal

Indian Oil Corporation transparency portal

8. From the result set you can search your own connection details  by using your consumer number or name.

9. Apart from this you can also Report a complaint,  Surrender your connection, rate your distributor etc.

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